Colin Manning

Portland, Oregon / Los Angeles, California



Master of Fine Arts, Filmmaking  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA, 2000

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA, 1998



Water Weeping Falls Collage-paintings on glass, video installation and a projection performance, Digital Debris Video Gallery, Los Angeles, California, January 4-16, 2020

Hug Circle Collage-paintings on glass and a projection performance, The Handbag Factory, Los Angeles, CA, January 2019

Memory Wave Sediments Experimental films retrospective and projection performance, Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Hall, Hosted by Northwest Film Center, September 13, 2017

Interior Camping Collage-paintings on glass, The Academy Theater, Portland Oregon, March 2016

Slanted Horizons  Collage-paintings on glass, The Handbag Factory, Downtown Los Angeles, November 2015; The Projection Museum, Portland Oregon, September 2015

Where Do You Go When You Sleep?  Collage-paintings, Bar Carlo, Portland OR, September, October 2014

Retrospecter/Art Destroys Lives  Collage, Painting, Drawing and Installation, the Projection Museum, Portland OR, March 2014

Feardom  Collage-paintings, Gallery Homeland, Portland OR, September 2013

Paintings by Colin Manning  Sawhorse, Los Angeles CA, Summer 2012

Haute Glue  Collage, painting and assemblage, Sancho Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2011

Grit n’ Transcendence  Collage, paintings and drawings, Regent Building Gallery, Downtown Art Walk, Los Angeles CA, 2009

Firm Pucker  Collage, paintings and drawings, L’Kegg Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2008

Haunted Couches  Collage, painting, drawing and installation, Showcave Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2007

Godz Gone  Public outdoor installation; two backlit 3×9 foot collage-paintings on plexiglass installed into a commercial sign fixture, 1645 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 2006-2008

Above the Smog  Paintings, Pacific Unitarian Church, Rancho Palos Verdes CA, 2005

I Want Money   Installation with video, collage, painting, San Francisco Art Institute MFA Graduate Exhibition, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA, 2000

Triple Vision  Collage, Mission Badlands Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2000

Fringes Among Us  Collage-paintings, New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco CA, 1999

Body Shop  Collage-paintings, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute CA, 1997

Bus Stop  Paintings, Norris Theater for the Performing Arts, Rolling Hills Estates CA, 1996

Emotion Refraction  Paintings, Student Union Art Gallery, City College of San Francisco CA, 1995


The Elrod Party In celebration of the life of my dear friend James Kerby Faris the 3rd,1968-2019, The Extra- Action marchin Band, Andy Human and the Reptoids, at The Knockout, San Francisco CA, January 31 2020

Gasp and Sissy Spacek Concert at Zebulon, Los Angeles, California, February 3, 2018

Ariel Pink Concerts Revolution Hall, Portland Oregon, October 2017; Roseland Theater, Portland Oregon, September 2015; Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR, February 9 2015, The Escarpment, Huntington Park CA for Ariel’s Birthday Concert with Fancy Space People, June 2010

Pond Mind Pulp Live projection performance with live audio by Colin Manning, Ez Ra and John Pape; Pacific Vortex Series at Pacific Northwest College of Art, May 1, 2016

Threnodies (Reed Arts Week 2016)  The Chapel at Reed College, with audio performances by Manhole (Jon Pape) and Silhouette Writer (Drew LaBarre), Portland Oregon, March 5, 2016

Friday the 13th at the Electric Mansion Historical Monument #157, Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 2015

Chrome Concert Bunk Bar, Portland Oregon, July 17, 2015

Believe You Me The Liquor Store, Portland Oregon, May 8, 2015

M.A.S.S. VII With music by Benoit Pioular and Like A Villian, Alberta Abbey, Portland OR, June 8, 2014

Round Window  With music by William Ingrid and Consumer,  Portland Experimental Film Festival, Disjecta, Portland OR, June 2014

Under Dark Cloak  With music by Tough Fuzz, Montgomery Word and Soul Ipsum, Alhambra Theater, Portland OR, March 29, 2014

Eternal Thermal Spring  Low Gallery, San Diego CA, January 2014

Club Ding-A-Ling  With music by Thee Earwigs, The Telescopes, Joseph Hammer, the Centimeters, Geneva Jacuzzi and many others; at the Outpost, Sancho Gallery, Krishna Kumar Gallery and the Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles CA  2005-2014

Friday the 13th in Feardom  Gallery Homeland, Portland OR, September 13, 2013

Boards of Canada Official Listening Party  Holocene, Portland OR, June 2013

Portland Experimental Film Festival   Gallery Homeland, Portland OR, May 2013

Reflective Turbulence  With music by Thrones, John Wiese, Ace Farren Ford, William Strangeland and Peter Kolovos; at Dem Passwords Gallery, Los Angeles CA, December 2012

Black Mass Rising  With music by Shazzula Nebula, Eternal Tapestry and Brooks Blackhawk; at The Fez Ballroom, Portland OR, Summer 2012

Fancy Space With music by Fancy Space People; at The Echoplex, The Escarpment, The Two-Headed Horse, The Cog, Showcave Gallery and other venues, Los Angeles and San Francisco CA, 2008-2011

My Halloween  With performance by God’s Girls; at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater, Hollywood CA, October 30, 2005

Craigslist Foundation Community Bash  Terra, San Francisco CA, 2004

Atmosphere Monthly projection performances for dj/dance party events; at 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco CA, 1999-2004

The Transformative Film Train Phenomenon 600+ projection performances; at Club Six, San Francisco CA, 1998-2004

Yes Yoko Ono White Food Party  Projection installation based on text by Yoko Ono for special event with Ms. Ono at the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco CA, 2002

The Night Listener   In Atrium of San Francisco Main Library, for Armistead Maupin’s book release event, San Francisco CA, 2000

Pangea Arts Festival  With music by Buckethead and Cellaphane Masses, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA 2000



Text Bewtween Lines Collage-paintings on glass with works by Alex Safanov and Eric Joseph Leffler, The Solship, January 5, 2019

Art Medicine Cabinet Mystery School of Wayward Images Beatnik Lounge, Joshua Tree California, December 8, 2018

Triad Exhibitions 1 and 2 Collage-paintings on Glass, True Measure Gallery, Portland Oregon, December 2016 and May 2017

M.A.S.S. VII  Projections and Collage-Paintings, Alberta Abbey, Portland OR, June 8 2014

In Bloom  Curated by Karen Russel, Collage-paintings, Denizen Gallery, Portland OR, April 2014

heART Walk Echo Park  Collage-paintings, Sancho, Los Angeles CA, March 2014

Eternal Spring  Collage-paintings, Low Gallery, San Diego CA, January 2014

Hutch  Collage-paintings, Hutch, Los Angeles CA,  December 2013

The Coaster Art Show  Collage-paintings, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles CA, September 2013

Echo Park Art Walk  Collage-paintings, Sancho, Los Angeles CA, Summer 2013

Club Tropicana  Collage-paintings, Cafe 26, Marseille, France, 2012

Et Tu Brute?  Collage-painting and drawing, Sancho Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2011

Conceptual Mining  Painting and collage, DIY Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2009

Departed  Collage, World of Wonder Gallery, Hollywood CA, 2008

Naked  Collage-painting, Dreamland Loft, Los Angeles, CA 2007

Folk and Fantasy Projection Installation, Canvas Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2003

Ideas In Animation  Screened short films with live soundtracks performed by The Sprocket Ensemble, 111 Minna St. Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1997-2000 (annually)

Video Mutants  Screened Methyl Cellulose and Disaster, Lecture Hall, San Francisco Art Institute CA, 2000

Window Project  Projection Installation, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2000

New San Francisco Film and Video   Screened short films, Stain Gallery, San Francisco CA, 1999

Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema  Screened short films with live soundtracks performed by the Sprocket Ensemble, Roxie Cinema and The Victoria Theater, San Francisco CA, 1997 & 1999

Freaky Film Festival  Screened Gorgeous Mommy and Breakfast of Champions, The Thunderbird Theater, Urbana Illinois, 1998


The Projection Museum  Director/Curator, Portland OR, 2013 – 2017

Krishna Kumar Gallery Director/Curator, Los Angeles CA, 2011 – 2013

Tears and Ecstasy   Curator, Sancho Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2011

Cinespace  A/V Technician, DJ and Curator of weekly music and projection art events at large nightclub/dinner theater, Hollywood CA, 2008 – 2010

Showcave Gallery   Co-Director/Curator, Los Angeles CA, 2007-2008

Foundations in Drawing and Painting  Instructor, Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 2005

Experiments in Animation / Eclectic Collage / Drawing from the Surreal   Instructor, Community Education Program, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 1998-2001

Mixed Media Art   Instructor, Atherton Arts Commission, Palo Alto, CA 2000-2001

Drawing Instructor, Waldorf High School, San Francisco, CA 2001

Mixed Media Art  Instructor, New Traditions Elementary, San Francisco CA, 2000-2001

11th Grade English / Various Subjects  Instructor, Vallejo City Unified School District, Vallejo CA,   2000 – 2001

Disposable Head Transplants  Curated bi-annual screenings of local experimental film shorts, New Nothing Cinema, Artists Television Access and Cafe International, San Francisco CA 1997-1999



Hugging Kate Jackson in Killer Bees Sunken Red Memories  Projection art YouTube video 2011

Colin Manning / Spiritual Path in a Materialistic World / Enjoyable Heart Disease  Subject and projections artist in three short films by Luis Molina, Los Angeles, CA, 2010

Monkey Bone  Animation assistance for feature film, 20th Century Fox, San Francisco, CA, 2001

Tedious Menace  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, soundtrack and editing, San Francisco, CA, 2000

Hush Hush Sweet Harlot  Art production for Teleplay by George Kuchar, San Francisco CA, 1999

Methyl Cellulose  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, optical printing, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA,1999

Gods Magnificent Plan for Salvation  Experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, Super-8 and 16mm cinematography, soundtrack and digital effects/editing, San Francisco, CA, 1999

Asvatthama 16mm experimental short film adaption of an ancient account of nuclear warfare from Srimad Bhagavatam; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, optical printing, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA, 1998

Disaster  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, optical printing, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA, 1998

Hoper  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA, 1998

Tourist  Experimental short film; Super-8 footage and digital editing; Soundtrack by Walter Funk, Colin Manning and Matt Dean, San Francisco, CA, 1998

The Pus Muppet Purple Onion Incident  Short experimental documentary film; video shot by Daniel Merlot; editing by Colin Manning, San Francisco, CA, 1998

Breakfast of Champions  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, with soundtrack by Walter Funk and Colin Manning, San Francisco, CA, 1997

Material Story  16mm experimental short film; Animation drawn directly on film, optically printing, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA, 1997

Gorgeous Mommy  16mm experimental short film; Stop-motion collage animation, cell animation, editing and soundtrack, San Francisco, CA, 1996

Incarnation #16  16mm experimental short film; Animation drawn directly on film, optical printing and soundtrack, 1996

Crater Walk   Super-8 black and white experimental short film; Cinematography, hand processing, editing and soundtrack by Colin Manning, San Francisco CA, 1996