“All the fury and searing soul searching was buried on the surface of his movies which roared and clawed the silver screen like that monster from the Id in FORBIDDEN PLANET. Instead of terror the viewer felt a kind of fascination in the smorgasbord amalgamation of animation that permeated these projects. Objects of pop culture butted against the elephantine majesty of older, more culturally foreign icons. East met the west in his cosmic cut-ups and the blend was sublime in a sassy kind of way.”
~ George Kuchar, 2001

“With reels and lights, Colin Manning has been drawing psychic guidelines for suspecting and unsuspecting audiences alike, for over a decade. The Silverlake based artist has created a bulging catalogue of work stretching from the seas of painting and collage, to his most involved and recognized outlet, experimental filmmaking and projection. Manning and his army of film  projectors have graced the walls of many galleries and music venues mainly in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While the art is of his own invention, the role of projection artist has allowed for a great means of collaboration. This is especially true with sound-makers, the list of which is as mixed as his imagery. Armed with 16mm’s of high-speed splatter, collage, Krishna, and incidental trance, Colin Manning continues to expand his animated “visual-psych-punk” realm, and envelop  the minds of viewers…starting with their eyes.”

~ Jeremy Kennedy, from the  intro to “An Interview With Colin Manning”, Circa Magazine Winter 2011